The development of a data warehouse or data mart is expensive and time consuming. As quickly as it is built it is out of date!

Your company and the environment within which it operates is far from static. New sales channels emerge, acquisitions happen, and new governance processes need adopting. Add to this the continuous updates that are demanded by your IT infrastructure, and your IT organization is in a state of continuous flux.
Your business cannot afford the luxury of waiting for IT, and so look for alternative sources of information to provide them with the insight they require to do their job. This does not help the relationship that exists between IT and the business at large. The business cannot trust IT to provide the data as needed, and IT believes that the business is unreasonable in its demands. It is a lose-lose situation.
To resolve this problem BI Software and Huerdo have developed a solution for creating dynamic data marts. By using data virtualization technology, we are able to access data without the complexities of having to build costly Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes. Changes to the underlying systems can be quickly reflected within the system as minimal physical data is ever moved or stored.
The advantage of virtualization is not only reflected in effort. With a virtual data mart, you are able to tune the solution so that it can provide data at the latency that is required by the business. Traditional data warehouses and data marts need to replicate the data that is stored in your enterprise systems. This is time consuming and puts limits on the insight value that can be realized. With virtualization, you can either maximize performance via limited data replication, or refresh the data in near real-time so that it meets the needs of the business. The benefit to IT is that it can quickly change the data model to reflect the process change without having to worry about ETL. The value to the business is two fold. Firstly, you can change business process without having to wait on IT. Secondly, you can change the latency of the data to provide near real-time insight when required. It is a win-win.
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