Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions must be adaptive. They must be able to reflect business change at the time it occurs. BI Software believes that Analytics solutions must be implemented using an agile approach. This approach requires that the initial deliverable must be implemented in a time frame that shows immediate value. We know through experience that this deliverable will change and evolve with your business. It is for this reason; we use an Agile approach rather than trying to over complicate a delivery.
Underpinning our agile approach, is our use of data virtualization to create a virtual data mart. This allows us to quickly access your operational systems and model the data to match your analytical needs. Data can be quickly loaded without the need for complex data replication, and presented to the users for feedback. This feedback-loop allows us to then refine the data model, and manage the data latency so that it matches the needs of the business.
We partner with business intelligence software companies that enable this agile approach, but do not have a preferred provider. Each product on the market has its strengths and weaknesses, and different customer needs will lead to different vendor recommendations. We can, however, create a Business Intelligence software package to meet your needs.
A typical BI Software Analytics engagement is 4-6 weeks. Scope is kept to what is deliverable in that time frame ensuring that customer expectations are met.
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